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Are you starting to think you have done enough camping? You want to change your coach? Cité Caravane is here for you and buys your vehicle quickly!!! We offer two methods to sell your motorhome!

· Quick Purchase: Cité Caravane buys all brands and all types of vehicles. To know the value that we can offer to buy your vehicle in the same day, contact us!

If you want to know what we are ready to give you for your RV, contact us!

· Consignment: With this method, Cité Caravane takes care of everything related to selling your vehicle. Including the maximum possible selling price so that you have as much as possible in your pockets! To know the precise method of operation according to the consignment, do not hesitate to contact us!

How to sell your RV

In order to sell your RV using one of the methods listed in the Sell Your RV tab, you must complete the form below to tell us what type of vehicle you own. Do not hesitate to mention specific information about your RV to make our evaluation is as accurate as possible.

Procedure for evaluating your exchange:

not worry Cité Caravane has the solution to your problem. In fact, we do take in exchange motorhome, trailers, fifthwheels, boats, cars, exotic cars and others. Do not hesitate and contact us to make your dream a reality!

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