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Best service ever. They went out of their way to explain me properly and politely.

Junior Collin

a month ago

Just got on a call with service. It was an Electrical problem. Problem fixed. Great service. Merci!

Francois Kiopini

6 months ago

Just bought a myself a newer used RV. Price was so low already I forgot to negotiate to get a better deal. But used or new from searching around various RV dealerships around the entire island of Montreal, North Shore, South shore, East or West, they look like they have the best (and reasonable) prices, for new and used RVs. They have a huge selection. And their staff from the showroom to the financing office to the techs and parts people are second to none. They answered honestly even if it was to their detriment - never visited a dealership as honest as this one, and all with smiles wanting to help you the best they can. They really do feel like a family owned and run RV dealership. When I shop for my next RV in a few years I'll be coming back to this place for sure. Plus for now, they did not mind holding it 2 months till he end of spring almost, for free, not to mention holding any payments till I pickup the vehicle in May, get 2 hour introduction to the vehicle by a tech, allow me to check it all works as it is supposed to be (promising to fix anything on the spot if not satisfactory before I sign that I accept the vehicle!), have the vehicle newly washed and cleaned ready for my pick up time, have 3 specific changes installed onto the RV for quite a reasonable price, plus saved me from paying for another 2 options I didn't really need, they provide a welcome to RVing packet of basic RV equipment, they organized a payment schedule that is best for me at the monthly amount I want to pay + allowing me to pay extra payments, with no penalty of whatever amount, when I want to shorten the time it takes me to pay off the loan, I can even pay it all off in one shot with no penalty (unlike other dealers which price the vehicle depending on whether the buyer takes out a loan or no, and the amount, as they get a kickback, but not this dealership, at this dealership the price is the price however you decide to pay), and they apply for the loan for you making it that much easier.. . . . All I can honestly say is this RV dealership is the best dealership I have ever been to, and I've already recommended this place to all my family and friends interested in getting an RV now or in the future. And, I also recommend this place to all of you! They give incredibly excellent service here!! Thank you all at CITÉ Caravane for making my experience buying an RV an absolute joy! I'll be back!! P.S. The parts and service area guys are so helpful and informative, I look forward to having to deal with them. They explain everything thoroughly and if they are not sure they refer you to the experts for any questions I have. They absolutely want me to have the best service experience I can, while shopping for the RV and forever after once I leave with my vehicle, or if I ever need help fixing anything on the vehicle. And, even though I was not getting anything that day with them, the service manager and the RV tech at the desk took 20 minutes explaining me something I wanted information on and welcoming me Ba k anytime I need anything or have a question on anything. Actually, everyone I interacted with could not have been nicer, kinder, or more professional with me, throughout my time at the dealership! ** So a very big thank you to everyone at CITÉ Caravane! Cité caravane is lucky to have such great employees to work for them, and to represent them with the customers. A+ Richmond S. (A very happy new customer!)

Richmond of Richelieu

10 months ago

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